The Tax and Revenue Management System (TaRMS) is set to revolutionalise the tax administration terrain in the country through an efficient, effective and easy-to-navigate system based on a digital platform.

TaRMS is a product of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA)’s business process re-engineering (BPR) programme which was launched in 2022.

The BPR identified digitalization as the key aspect of improved service delivery to ZIMRA’s diverse clients and the configuration of TaRMS commenced in 2022 following an intensive user needs analysis and assessment.

Domestic taxes are crucial to national transformation and economic viability hence an efficient tax collection process is imperative.

TaRMS is being introduced to close the gaps that have historically affected the efficient collection of revenue.

The new system is set to be commissioned in October 2023 and is aligned with the National Development Strategy 1 priorities which include the ease of doing business, widening the tax base, and enabling a digital economy.

A simplified tax system that is effective and efficient increases compliance levels among taxpayers while reducing the cost of collection.

The TaRMS modules are set to enhance taxpayer experience on any device, automate complex tax processes, and improve tax collection.

The system has the capacity to go beyond collecting tax and revenue as it will be able to give full data analytics that will enable timely decision-making while empowering taxpayers to do self-service such as data entry.

Currently, ZIMRA is undertaking a taxpayer data cleansing exercise to ensure robust data integrity. TaRMS will be data-driven and this will result in increased taxpayer engagement, reduced cost of collection, prevention of fraud, and improved voluntary compliance.

By October 2023 when TaRMS goes live, the taxpayers will be able to seamlessly and efficiently process, on any device, taxpayer registration or reregistration; filing and returns processing; payments; refunds among other processes.

The system will also be integrated with enterprise Bus, ASYCUDA, SAP-FI, Registrar of Companies, Deeds & Intellectual Property, Civil Registry, and Banks.

ZIMRA is undergoing an intensive digitalization and transformation agenda and simplifying business processes and accessibility of the service platforms are some of the key objectives.

ZIMRA’s Five Year Strategic Plan envisions maximizing revenue collection, strengthening the institutional image, and increasing voluntary compliance by 2025 and an effective and efficient tax management system is central to the attainment of these strategic objectives.

TaRMS is being funded by a grant from the African Development Bank (AfDB) and by the Government of Zimbabwe.