On 28 November 2022, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development published Statutory Instrument 203 of 2022 which replaced the Statutory Instrument 53 of 2017.

The new statutory instrument 203 of 2022 is in line with the changes in HS classification made by WCO taking into consideration the following: - public health and safety, food security and environment protection, technological issues, trade volumes and clarification of the HS texts. Highlights to these changes include new emerging products such as edible insects, drones, smart phones and tobacco products.

The 2022 edition of the HS Nomenclature covers 351 sets of amendments divided as follows:

    • The Agricultural, Food And Tobacco Sectors - 77;
    • The Chemical Sector  58;
    • The Wood Sector - 31;
    • The Textile Sector - 21;
    • The Base Metal Sector - 27;
    • The Machinery And Electrical And Electronic Goods Sector - 63;
    • The Transport Sector - 22;
    • Other Sectors - 52

You may follow the links below for WCO Correlation tables, Certified and complementary amendments used in amending the National Tariff Handbook`.

National tariff handbook   https://www.zimra.co.zw/customs/tariff-handbook

WCO certified amendments   https://www.wcoomd.org/-/media/wco/public/global/pdf/topics/nomenclature/instruments-and-tools/hs-nomenclature-2022/table-i_en.pdf?la=en

Complimentary amendments    The Harmonized System (HS) will be updated in 2022 , this is the accepted Recommendation for the changes. (wcoomd.org)

Correlation Table I   https://www.wcoomd.org/-/media/wco/public/global/pdf/topics/nomenclature/instruments-and-tools/hs-nomenclature-2022/table-ii_en.pdf?la=enCorrelation Table II    https://www.wcoomd.org/-/media/wco/public/global/pdf/topics/nomenclature/instruments-and-tools/hs-nomenclature-2022/ng0262b1.pdf?db=web