Thank you for visiting the ZIMRA website. We value your privacy and want to assure you that we do not collect any personal information, such as names or addresses, when you browse our website. However, if you choose to provide us with personal information, it will only be used to fulfill your request for information. We do collect certain technical information to enhance your browsing experience, and the following section explains how we handle and collect this information.

Information Collected and Stored Automatically:

During your visit to our website, we automatically gather and store certain technical information about your browsing session. This information is collected in an aggregated and anonymous form and does not identify you personally.

We use this information to improve the usability and effectiveness of our website. It helps us understand the number of visitors to our site and the types of technology they use. Please note that we do not track or record information about individuals and their visits.


Some websites may use cookies, which are small pieces of software that are downloaded onto your computer or browsing device. Cookies can collect personal information to recognize your computer in the future. However, we only use non-persistent cookies, also known as "per-session cookies." These cookies serve technical purposes, such as providing seamless navigation on our website. They do not collect personal information, and they are deleted as soon as you leave our website. Per-session cookies are not permanently stored on your computer's hard drive but are stored in memory and are only available during an active browser session. Once you close your browser, the cookie disappears.

Site Security:

To ensure the security and availability of our website, we employ commercial software programs that monitor network traffic for unauthorized attempts to upload or change information. These efforts are undertaken solely for site security purposes, and except for authorized law enforcement investigations, no attempts are made to identify individual users or their usage habits. Raw data logs are used only for site security and are regularly deleted. Unauthorized attempts to upload or change information on our website are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Cyber Security Act of Zimbabwe.

If You Send Us Personal Information:

We only collect personal information when you voluntarily provide it to us through forms or contact methods on our website. This information is used solely to respond to your inquiries or fulfill your requests for information. We do not share this information with any other government agency unless your question relates to that agency or as required by law.

We do not create individual profiles or collect information for commercial marketing purposes. While we may require your email address for localized responses to your questions or comments, we recommend that you do not include any other personal information in your communication.

Email Management:

If you choose to send us a message via email, your email address will be recorded solely for the purpose of responding to your message. It will not be added to any mailing lists or disclosed to third parties without your consent.

Collection of Personal Information:

If we request any additional personal information, we will inform you how it will be used and provide you with the option to provide it or not. If you believe that our privacy principles have not been followed or if you have any comments on these principles, please notify the webmaster through the contact us page.

Please note that the term "Personal Information" in this privacy statement refers to any information from which your identity is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained.