Who is a clearing agent?

A clearing agent is a person who, for gain, acts for an importer, exporter, manufacturer or the holder of a license; or holds himself out as carrying on the business of acting for importers, exporters, manufacturers or holders of licences; in performing any function under, or complying with any requirement of the Customs and Excise Act.

Clearing agents are companies or partnerships, which are licensed by ZIMRA to operate in Zimbabwe. The clearing agents’ license expires on 31 December of the year for which it was issued, and should be renewed if one wishes to continue operating. For a license to be renewed, submission of electronic application for renewal should be done on or before the 31st of October. The F64 is now lodged online in the ASYCUDA syste .

What is required to be licensed as a clearing agent?

Any person who wishes to be licensed as a clearing agent shall submit an application in form No. 64 (fully completed and signed including telephone numbers and e-mail details) and furnish the following particulars or documents:

  • the name under which the clearing agent will operate and the address of its principal office in Zimbabwe;
  • where the applicant:
    1. is a company, certified copies of the certificate of incorporation under the Companies Act [Chapter 24:03], and of the memorandum and articles of association of the company, together with the names of all shareholders and the directors of the company;
    2. is a partnership a certified copy of the partnership agreement, together with the names of all the partners;
  • evidence that the clearing agent has the necessary resources to conduct customs business;
  • CR14 if there is change on directors
  • finger prints for employees and directors duly vetted by Police once every three years
  • Curriculum vitae and certified academic and professional certificates for employees authorised to lodge entries with ZIMRA (employees should have received formal customs clearance training and have a minimum of one (1) year experience.
  • Current bank statement
  • Confirmation Letter from a recognized clearing agent association
  • Lease agreement / proof of ownership of premises
  • Balance sheet and detailed asset register for previous financial year
  • Submit any additional details of your countrywide office network and/or Agent to Agent Agreements for the ports you do not have offices.
  • NSSA clearance certificate.

If the Commissioner approves the application he shall call upon the applicant to enter into a bond, with sufficient surety for the due observance of all relevant provisions of the Customs and Excise Act. A license shall be issued after registration of the bond and payment of the prescribed annual license fee.

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