Clients are advised that Section 192 of the Customs and Excise Act Chapter 23.02 states that a notice of embargo is issued to secure goods that have passed out of customs control.

In what circumstance can an embargo be issued:

  • When a tourist, who would have temporarily imported a private vehicle on TIP intends to exit the country by other means leaving the vehicle in Zimbabwe or,
  • When a motor vehicle which would have been temporarily imported into Zimbabwe break down and needs to be repaired or,
  • When an imported consignment is suspected of not having paid customs duty in full legally due or
  • Agricultural products imported without complying with the import permit requirements as regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture.

What  is expected of a Tourist leaving their vehicle on TIP behind

A tourist whose vehicle was imported on TIP for use during their stay in Zimbabwe, and intends to leave the vehicle in Zimbabwe for whatever reason, should report to the nearest ZIMRA office before the TIP expires or before leaving the country. Goods or vehicles put on embargo should not be moved unless authority to do so is granted by ZIMRA.

For issuance of an embargo for vehicles, the tourist should have a valid TIP, vehicle registration book and a valid passport. The vehicle should be kept at the location on which it was issued with an embargo.  It is the full responsibility of the individual to whom the embargo is issued to observe and comply with the terms of the embargo.

In the case of imported goods, where containers or goods have been moved to a place indicated by an officer in terms of Section 41 the Customs and Excise Act or embargoed for purposes of examination, they shall not be removed from that place, nor be opened or have any seals broken or interfered with or dealt with in any way without the permission of an officer.

Tourists and travellers are therefore encouraged to be conversant with the aforementioned provisions in order to ensure that they act within the confines of the law where they experience breakdowns or accidents. Failure to do so will result in payment of fines and penalties.

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