When can a cession agreement be used?

  • A Cession agreement may be used where the rights and obligations under an agreement to own a specified asset need to be ceded and assigned to another party.

How does Capital Gain Tax accrue on a cession agreement?

  • When one cedes their rights under a cession agreement, capital gains tax has to be accounted for in terms of Section 8 (2) (g) of the Capital Gains Tax Act Chapter [23:01] which states that;

where a person transfers to another person his or her rights in a residential, commercial or industrial stand, whether or not the stand is serviced and whether or not his or her title to the stand is registered under the Deeds Registries Act [Chapter 20:05], he or she shall be deemed to have sold a specified asset to that other person for an amount equal to the whole amount received by or accruing to him or her as a result of the transfer;


Who should account for capital Gains Tax under a cession agreement?

  • The party ceding their rights to own the specified asset should account for Capital Gains Tax.


Documents required for processing of a Capital Gains Tax certificate

  • A completed and signed CGT 1 form
  • If not registered with ZIMRA a completed and signed Rev 1 form
  • Cession/ deed of donation/Offer letter/agreement of sale from the City Council
  • Agreement of sale
  • Copy of proof of payment
  • National identification card for the seller and buyer


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