Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA)
Voluntary Disclosure in respect of offences under Immigrants Rebate

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The Voluntary Disclosure programme that is running between July 2018 and December 2018 can be utilised to formalise any irregularities relating to the Customs and Excise provisions. ZIMRA has records of cases of importations that were made in terms of the Immigrants Rebate. It is against this backdrop that the Authority is encouraging any individuals who have either knowingly or unwittingly committed or omitted acts that are against the provisions of the rebate to voluntarily disclose such acts.

ZIMRA prepares to Tadatise

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The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is undergoing assessment through the Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool (TADAT), and has appointed nine teams to work on the nine Performance Outcome Areas (POAs). The teams are tasked to assess the Authority through the Tool and provide a plan of action. The Authority has so far trained most of its managers and is in the process of training all staff members to facilitate a shared view of where the Authority is going. Undergoing TADAT is expected to reform the Authority’s operations through improving service delivery, client education, data management, risk management, among several other improvements to achieve voluntary compliance and a widened tax base, which translates to increased revenue collections.

Tax payment made easier

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Paying taxes can be an expensive process for a business but there are a number of ways that one can utilise to manage compliance costs.  These include:

Tax Knowledge – The people responsible for managing tax issues in a business should be well grounded in tax matters that affect the business enterprise. Tax education can be provided by private players or by ZIMRA on request. ZIMRA also arranges various taxpayer workshops and seminars free of charge.

ZIMRA readies for harmonised elections

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As the Authority anticipates an influx of voters and observers for the harmonised elections, additional staff has been deployed to some border posts to facilitate speedy clearance.

To ensure smooth passage and avoiding unnecessary delays at the borders, stakeholders bringing in equipment such as cameras, video recording or filming equipment, drones, broadcasting equipment, food and other consumables, should ensure that the goods are easily identifiable and where possible, serial numbers and identifying marks of the goods should be inscribed on the goods and endorsed on the clearance form, that is, the Application for Temporary Importation Privileges (ATIP) so that they can be identified on exportation.

ZIMRA’s Operation to Curb Smuggling at Beitbridge

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The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) carried out an operation last weekend at Beitbridge Border Post, which was meant to intensify enforcement measures to curb smuggling and encourage adherence to Customs procedures and formalities. The Operation resulted is the seizure of loads of controlled and prohibited goods at Beitbridge Border Post.

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