CG calls on stakeholders to master a culture of voluntary compliance

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By Takunda Chakadya

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Commissioner General, Ms Faith Mazani called on stakeholders to inculcate a culture of voluntary compliance to strengthen their relationship with the Taxman.

The CG was speaking at a breakfast meeting hosted by The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) on Tuesday 9 September 2018 at Cresta lodge in Harare.

“The mandate of ZIMRA as a Revenue Authority is to assist and facilitate what you have to do in terms of the law.   ZIMRA will play its part and we encourage our stakeholders to do the same and master a culture of voluntary compliance” she said

The C.G reiterated on the four pillars namely People which speaks to the training and equipping of tax and customs personnel, Processes which notes the improving of ZIMRA systems to facilitate better service, Partnerships which relates to stakeholder engagements and Projects and Programmes relating to ZIMRA approach of doing things through various initiatives.

In line with the first P which relates to People Ms F Mazani noted that ZIMRA was working towards ensuring  that ZIMRA staff were motivated and equipped with relevant skills to provide good client service and standardisation of ZIMRA services across the country.

The CG went on to establish her firm’s stance against corruption and its unbearable impact on the business environment. She also noted that ZIMRA was working hard to create a single window platform at the borders in order to limit human interface and curb corruption.

The Commissioner for Domestic Taxes Mr R Masaire noted how ZIMRA had the work in progress to segment taxpayers in relation to their capacity and business models which are Large Client Taxpayers, Medium Client Taxpayers, Small Client Taxpayers and Micro Taxpayers so as to ensure efficiency in revenue administration.

Ms Mazani also took the opportunity to shed light on how the stakeholders were welcome to submit their views and opinions on ZIMRA social media platforms so that they can also be incorporated in the upcoming 2019 new strategic plan for the Commission.




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