Revenue Payments made easy

We are pleased to announce that, in our quest to improve service delivery and ultimately bring real convenience to you our valued clients, we have opened revenue accounts with various banks. The following are the banks that are in partnership with us for the collection of revenue:

Standard Chartered Agribank
Zb Bank CBZ


Banks have complemented our efforts by providing stationery that is ideal specifically for ZIMRA payments. Some have gone an extra mile and provided tax obligation charts. The following information is required to allow ZIMRA to process your payment:

  • Business Partner Number and Name,
  • Tax obligation being settled,
  • Station responsible for maintaining tax records or Port clearing your goods,
  • Amount being paid and
  • Date of payment

Where you are not sure of the tax code to use, you can contact your bank’s branch manager or any ZIMRA office for assistance (please refer to the contacts section on this website).

Please note that the above information is mandatory. Failure to fill it correctly on your payment form may result in payments not reaching ZIMRA or being credited to the wrong account, or being rejected completely by banks.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority accepts payment in United States Dollars, Rand, Pound, Euro or Pula, bank transfers and EcoCash. You are therefore free to use the currency and bank of your choice.



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