Road Tolls: One Year On

In line with Government policy direction, Road Tolls were introduced on the major highways of Zimbabwe on August   18, 2009 for the benefit of the Road Fund for road maintenance and rehabilitation. It is against this background that the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Infrastructure Development, erected rudimentary structures to collect Road Tolls.

It was indeed a historical moment when Road Tolls were finally and successfully implemented on August 18, 2009. A total of 22 rudimentary structures were erected nationwide to kick start the national project. The rudimentary are temporary infrastructural  constructions which helped the project to get off the ground and are expected to give way  permanent structures.

ZIMRA was tasked with the seemingly arduous responsibility of collecting Road Tolls at the designated tolling points (tollgates) throughout the country. This necessitated the recruitment and training of staff while proper signage was produced and erected in line with SADC guidelines to make motorists aware of the existence of tollgates on the Zimbabwean road network. Ideal signage was put up 10 kilometres, 800 metres and 400 metres away from each tolling point and at the actual tolling point.

ZIMRA also embarked on massive publicity campaign to enlighten the motoring public and all stakeholders on the launch of the tollgates project. This included a series of meetings with key stakeholders including government ministries, the Zimbabwe Republic Police, and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces to mobilise ideas and strategies for a successful launch.

August 18, 2010 marks the first anniversary of this historic milestone in Zimbabwe. ZIMRA sincerely thanks all motorists for being compliant and supportive since the introduction of tolling points in the country. ZIMRA also pays tribute to all cooperating partners especially the Zimbabwe Republic Police who have worked closely with the Authority since the launch of the national project. Motorists are urged to continue to exercise extreme caution and reduce speed when approaching a tolling point.



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